Windows App Development Service

If your company is dependent upon Microsoft technologies and you have a requirement for Windows App Development, BrainBinarySolutions is the best Windows application development company to meet your exact requirements.

Microsoft has reimagined Windows App Development to concentrate on your business as well as personal life. Along with beautiful, quick, and fluid design of Windows, BrainBinarySolutions also offers you quality and trustworthy application development facilities for this platform.

Our developers are technically expert with the new Windows 8 Modern Style UI, well known as Metro style, and are acquainted with the complexity of design to deliver high-class apps for Windows 8. We can handle large as well as small projects, with the ability to construct apps for Windows 8 desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

BrainBinarySolutions builds Windows 8 metro/modern style apps that are dynamic, innovative and enhance user productivity. We build Windows 8 applications that are interactive, cloud-enabled and fluid. Our Windows 8 application development services include apps for:

  • Dynamics CRM Apps
  • SharePoint Apps
  • Productive Apps
  • Business Intelligence Apps
  • The line of Business Apps
  • Social networking Apps

BrainBinarySolutions developers are skilled and proficient in building Windows 8 store apps with technologies like:

  • HTML 5
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • .Net
  • Silverlight
  • Windows 8 Mobile Application Development Company

BrainBinarySolutions is a Windows mobile application development company and helps you bring your Modern/Metro-style mobile applications ideas to life! With the modern/metro style of app development, our developers deliver reliable, elegant and convincing user experience. The interface offered has a customized layout with clean typography and neat animations. Our group of proficient developers can build solitary applications or an extension of a current one on Windows Phone 8 platforms based on your exact business needs.

Windows Tablet Application Development

With Surface in the market, Microsoft has boarded on a new journey, offering advanced technology to Tablet lovers! Surface Tablet is armed with Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro OS, equipped with a cover that gives touch experience, coupled with a QWERTY keyboard. It gives a laptop like an experience. With Surface Tablet, you have PC on your mobile platform. BrainBinarySolutions offers advanced/metro UI app development services for Windows App Development.

Why Brain Binary Solutions?

BrainBinarySolutions has highly skilled and experienced development team comprehending the clients’ requirements with a new perspective, bolstered by a customized approach. The applications are created catering to the customers’ needs and specifications. Our specialists help in designing the perfect applications that fit your requirements.

Brain BinarySolutions Application development services include:

  • Software Architectural Consulting
  • User-Interface Designing
  • Custom Windows 8 app development services
  • App porting and migration from other platforms
  • Back-end implementation

BrainBinarySolutions Development Rules:

  • Strict adherence to development plans & client specifications
  • Rigorous and thorough testing with several levels of quality checks
  • Project delivery within timelines, with cost-effectiveness

The ever-increasing number of mobile phone users is not less than a testimony to the requirement of high-end apps for your business. As a matter of fact, the coming of newer and smarter phones every now and then has given a significant boost to the requirement of such apps, so that you don’t lose your tech-savvy customers to your rivals and help them stay connected to your business.

Backed by transparency and effective collaboration, the Windows mobile app process adopted by IDS Logic is quite renowned in the industry. With a great pool of skilled and experienced Windows mobile application developers, we have been able to maintain a powerful and successful track record of satisfied clients.

When it comes to adapting to the very latest in the world of Windows mobile phones, we are second to none! Over the years, we have developed and deployed a variety of custom Windows mobile applications for businesses across the world

Our Windows Mobile App Development Services

The dynamic Windows world and the grave need for the right mobile apps for the users of Windows phones have led to the provision of some highly sought after services by IDS Logic. Some of these services are:

  1. Windows App Conceptualization & Design
  2. Custom Windows Mobile Application Development
  3. Web-based Windows Mobile Application Development
  4. Windows Apps Porting & Migration
  5. Windows Apps QA & Testing
  6. Windows App Support, Maintenance & Upgrade
  7. What sets us apart from the other mobile app development companies?

Well, all of our Windows mobile apps come with a unique finesse and ease of use that helps us deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

We believe in value addition through modernism. So, come and experience it with us!